The Answer is a Question

My dear friend asked me, “why did you start a blog?” she resurrected the silent voices that kept me from starting a public blog for so long.  I didn’t know how to respond, except “ I just want a place to put all my words and thoughts and maybe encourage other people?” I wasn’t sure if it was an answer or a question. But now I know the answer IS a question! What would the world look like if no one did what burned in their heart? It is easy to challenge the motives of unfamiliar individuals dancing to a different melody.  Thank you for  always inspiring me with your contrasting personality and unique thought pattern, and thank you for reminding me to challenge myself to write something worth reading.

What if a dancer didn’t dance
What if a singer didn’t sing…
What if an artist didn’t paint….
What if a teacher didn’t teach
What would happen if a mother didn’t love
What if a fish didn’t swim
What if an athlete didn’t compete
What if a scientist didn’t discover
What if an archeologist didn’t uncover
If a captain didn’t lead
If a friend never listened
If the sun didn’t shine
If the world never gave
What if no one ever did anything different from what they saw their neighbor doing
Or the talents you were given you fearfully hid away
What if Jesus didn’t save?
That is why a writer must write
to do what you have been commissioned to do is not a question but a command.
It is what it means to contribute your small mark on this large place we call earth.

3 thoughts on “The Answer is a Question

  1. Gee, I may have a gift that I didn’t know I had
    I use to think my poems sounded really bad.
    This recent one I wrote, was only the second one
    I may have found a gift, I may not be done.

  2. This is a beautiful poem, you have written,
    and oh so true.
    We must use the gifts God has given,
    it shall help someone through and through.

    I thank Our Lord every day,
    for giving me the way.
    It is not easy, nor is it hard,
    just to say I love you on a card.

    May God bless you in many ways
    and I pray he gives us the words to stay,
    in touch with him, so we can give from within
    the Love he has a share, even of a whim.

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