The Grapes of Mercy

     The other day through a series of events I came to purchase the most expensive grapes I have ever bought.  Two bags of un-equivalently delicious organic grapes, one bag of red and one bag of white.  Had I known they were going to cost me so much I probably would not have purchased them, but anyhow I did.  As I was rinsing them in a coriander under the tap, a few jumped out into the bottom of the sink, and underneath the silver ware and other dishes I hadn’t washed.  This always happens , and lazily I forget them, just a few worthless grapes I think.  but not today. I quickly reached my hand down and retrieved those single escapees, there was no way I was going to forfeit even one knowing I had paid almost 25.00 dollars, on a middle class income.  I was going to get my money worth.  Suddenly I realized I am a grape. SO are you! we are God’s grapes of mercy.  Jesus paid a high price to own us and save us and He is not going to lose even one! If I am not willing to give up one grape due to 25.00, how much more is Jesus unwilling to lose the soul of one man or child or woman? He knows what we cost Him. and His blood is precious. Because he exchanged it for our lives that makes us the most valuable people in the world.  Not only was He willing to pay the price knowing what it would cost Him, He is going to do whatever it takes to save us from an unclean world, not one will perish.  He continues to save and retrieve and deliver, and rescue.  I’m really just a grape saved by His mercy!

Jesus said, …”of those whom Thou has given me I lost not One.” John 18:9 

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