Doing the Hard thing

God does not always instruct his servants to do “easy” and “pleasant” tasks.  The closer a servant is to God, the greater the fellowship with his joy and his grief, both God’s glory and sufferings. This is expected of his disciples.  Those who speak for God, must know him intimately and be united with His heart, in order to express God’s heart.

“Go take for yourself a wife of harlotry, and have children of harlotry…” Hosea 1:2

Taking a wife whom he knew would not be faithful must have been extremely difficult for a man who, by calling, was already alone. Prophets, most often, like John the Baptist,  lived a lonely life.  Despite this, Hosea obeyed, because his devotion to his God was greater than his devotion to  his own happiness. He did not love his life but was obedient …even unto death.

Hosea understood God’s pain over losing Israel to other gods, when he lost his wife to other men.

Hosea had vision. As he took the first step, in obedience towards a difficult choice  , a channel began to open in which God could continue to pour out his word through Hosea to all the people of Israel and Judah.  Hosea’s heart was united to God’s through obedience and through suffering.

What difficult task is God calling you to do? And why? Is your heart connected and devoted to his? Are you willing to give up the comfort, and ideals of this present world for intimacy with God? are you willing to experience his judgement,  grief, possibly his heartaches and sufferings in your own life; for the purpose of sharing God’s heart in the life of others?

Israel had played the harlot, God’s beloved bride had committed adultery and been unfaithful to God, how else could he explain how much that hurt?  Hosea was willing to share in God’s suffering, knowing that the word of the Lord does not go out and return void. The word accomplishes what he purposes it to accomplish.but it needs a vessel.  So he did the hard thing, the difficult task.

Prayer: Dear God, you are the God who was, who is and who is to come. Give me the grace, vision and the power to do the things you have asked that are difficult, that I might share in your joy.  Give me the strength to share in your grief and may I be a channel for your word, your mercy and your judgement, which is righteous and true and just.  Let my heart bear the intimacy, the fellowship the burdens of your heart and be yoked with Christ. Not my will but yours be done, for you Lord are all knowing, all powerful and you are everywhere.  Your ways and thoughts far above mine.  Your mercy and love endures forever.  Amen.

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