That we might live

Lord sustain us by and by

save and sow each tear we cry

hold out your hand with crumbs of faith

to feed our souls with saving grace

carry us when our feet would fail

and the path we walk is trimmed with nails

hold us up when at once we fade

when shame becomes the bed we made

bring us near to water fresh,

and greener pastures when none are left

Lord sustain us each weary morn

each evening gale ; each violent storm

if we can know your hand is near

there is no death we need to fear,

hear my desperate, swollen wailing

weeping, gnashing, selfish appealing

we haven’t earned, we less deserve

the mercy for us you reserve

Lord sustain our faith and still

our cumbersome hearts, to do thy will

now matter what the world might say

teach our crooked lips to pray

Give a glimpse of what’s to come

buffered by your only son,

Unite our hearts to fear thy name

conform our thoughts to do the same

Bind our wounds and pierce our ears

that we may serve you all our years,

sustain us lord that we may please

your grieving heart, upon our knees

wherever you call us, sustain us there

to harvest the glory,  sown with tears.

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