one reason

There is no reason
For each season
Less the glory and the fame
Of God’s strong arm, and his great power

Resonating through Christ’s name
When the day begins to close
The sun is settling down
Remember that each tear you save
Is a diamond in his crown.

We’re not the same as God’s own son
We have no right to enter in
And yet he came out from the gates
To save us from our sin

We have not earned, less we deserve
A life that’s free from pain
He gives us seasons for no reasons
Than to worship his great name

A butterfly which flutters by
A simple bird which sings
Are made to bring the father praise
And worship him as king

A fish that swims, a dog that barks, a tree that grows up straight
The soil when it’s soft, the evening when its late
The icy flakes, and rains which flood,
A river when it flows, the sun in glory burning bright
A scholar when he knows,

We need the rain, the drought, the death
The heat, the cold, the dark
The winds which blow the sun which hides
To marvel at his work

We need the things which grow and change
The things we can’t control
So we can worship God out loud
In turn he makes us whole.

There is no reason for the seasons
Less the beauty of the King
Is recognized and glorified the day we enter in.

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