who do you say I am

when I’m empty of words
its because I’m full of questions
when I have nothing to give
and little to say
and sense cannot form
and life is delayed
I cannot walk forward
I barely rise up
I’m frozen and awkward
despairing and stuck
my mind cannot settle
its hard to decide
confused and afraid
with chaos I hide
when I’m empty of truth, logic and beauty

its because I’ve forgotten
who my savior is to me

He’s reason , He’s wisdom
the path of life, he sanctifies
purifies-absorbs my strife
God in the flesh, Prince of my peace
counselor, friend , the one who sets free
tower of refuge, my helper and rock
brother, redeemer, mending my heart

restorer of my mind,
the one who makes clean
champion, leader, present but unseen
he leads me in the day, he’s a fire
by night ,
my shield, my sword
my righteousness and light.
He comforts me and heals me
He teaches me truth,
the one who reveals me, and restores my youth

I only know from where i stand
who Christ has been to me
my faith is all the evidence
to purchase my release,
when I’ve lost myself beneath the waves
of deceit and pain
I know its just a chance for him to make me new again
to give me back what others stole
to lift me up on eagles wings
and carry me through desert sands
while over me he sings

I will walk again in joy and unrelenting grace
Because I trust my saviors name
I will behold his face.
when others seek to justify their beginning with my end
I’ll lift my saviors name on high
because he is my friend.
He does not whip me with my sins
he grants me love and peace
if i would just take hold his hand
all this death would cease.

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