let evening fall

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Darkness is the desperate despair that we sometimes experience in life. It is the torment of nothingness, the stillness which we cannot escape, nor can we live without. Darkness when i speak of it, is the sad , black quiet from which all life is birthed.  it is mourning for God, and faith, man and love, joy and peace and the green burst of springtime that awakens us.

Darkness comes so that the soul may rest.

It falls like a curtain over all the things that seem worthy of seeing so that we may close our eyes.

darkness is not a choice or a curse, but a necessary cloak hanging beyond our reach. Those who have known it are not evil, but alive. It is not to be dreaded, but embraced, it cannot be avoided, nor erased. Evening is the hollow where we grow, heal and cease-it is thrust upon us to give us what we would otherwise forsake-rest.

it is the time when we are blind and unproductive, lost and vulnerable- the only time when we give up our mind that it can be renewed, restored and refreshed in a magical slumber. far from spring rivers of thought rushing madly down stream ,  darkness quiets us in a forest of isolation.

all we can do in this darkness is listen, and listen we must, to the trumpets sounding, the voice calling, the blast of the shofar announcing .

On the seventh day God rested, it was dark…perhaps, in that seventh day- before the sun arose to take back his throne.

“so why, oh my soul, are you down cast? don’t you know that out of darkness comes the light. Rest i say, rest. God has given you this evening to rest, enter into it, for when the sun comes there will be work to be done.”

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