K-LOVE and Pureflix

photoMy skin crawls, when I hear some of the filth on the radio today.

It seems we have lost morality in this country. We have very little modesty, conviction, and a lot of tolerance. I don’t want my 11 year old daughter listening to lyrics about sex, drugs and money. These are not things I want her to value in life, meditate on or let fall from her lips, especially since music is the #1 way to memorize anything and how easy these “tunes” get stuck in our heads. Yes, I feel protective of what is going into my children’s minds, hearts and eventually will come out through their beliefs about the world and themselves, through behavior and through every day choices they make.

A few years ago my mom moves to Maine. Every time we visited her, I noticed she had K-Love radio playing in her kitchen. Christian music, by popular artists, short testimonials, caring individuals and even 1 minute words of encouragement by pastors. We don’t have that option where we live in. but,  I did find about an APP,  a K-Love APP for phones and devices. Immediately I downloaded it and am able to listen to Christian music . I hook my phone up to a Bluetooth speaker and listen while I cook dinner. I notice the kids sing along and find them humming the songs even when its not playing.  i don’t have to worry about changing the channel rather I can expect that God is using a faith community to speak into my kids lives through their testimonies.  I’m really thankful, that we aren’t tethered to what the world’s preferences. The public schools can take prayer out of the classrooms, the courthouses can remove the 10 commandments, and government can stop trusting in the God,  but no one can come into my house or car and dump their trash, by forcing me to remove worship, at least not right now.   We have choices, and we have voices and we have rights.

Another great source I found is PUREFLIX.  Pureflix is wholesome family movies that I don’t have to watch with my finger on the clicker, I don’t have to worry about be uncomfortable or shocked by “brief nudity”, I don’t have to  hit the mute button, or try to explain why we have to shut the movie off 20 minutes in. there really is a massive selection of faith based movies out there, including well known cartoons, tv series, sermons, documentaries and shorts.  I’m so thankful for Christians and God fearers who have used their talents time and resources to produce high quality entertainment which builds my family up and glorifies the Lord. Thank you for recognizing the problem and finding a solution. God knows kids are bombarded all day long with the world’s blemishes, I want home to be a safe place a pure place.

Sometimes they balk and complain , but  I’m not going to be the one providing them poison for their souls, just because everyone else is doing it. I’d rather set an example of purity. So that someday they have something of value to pass on to their children and grandchildren.

“as for me and my house we will serve the Lord!”

We set the tone of our homes by what we listen to and watch, what we allow to “fill the air.”

If anyone out there is looking for some better choices in music and entertainment please consider downloading the KLOVE APP. This is a free app that you can get on your phone and listen to Christian Music, testimonials and positive talk anywhere. Check out more at : http://www.klove.com/ and think of researching PUREFLIX!


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