A Beggar’s Song

Help me find peace
When I just want to run
When my heart is fatigued
And defeat has begun, help me find peace when I’m afraid to be still
When my thoughts are ablaze
And my faith is little

Lord help me listen and hear when you speak
When the noise from the world is crass
And my resolve weak

Help me tune out the temptation of fame
the longing and yearning which converts my soul
leading to hopeless shame

help me listen when I tend to ignore
help me move toward your voice
like a stormy wave to the shore

Lord help me be brave
Doing what you ask
Fill my hands with a holy task
Help me honor your word and obey
Keep what I need
To Walk in your way

Help me stay
Help me know
Help me open my mouth in praise
When I want to get up and go

Help me find joy in the midst of despair
Help me see mercy
When I’m frozen in fear

Help me remember
Oh Lord help me see
Open my eyes with discernment
Teach me to speak

When I’m restless help me settle
When I’m lazy move me out
When I’ve faithless fill my heart with reasons not to doubt

When my mind has forgotten that you ‘ve sent me the Bread
Delivered and rescued from the enemies home-stead

When my heart denies that your hand is my home
and my eyes are blind and my answer is no
Help me remember your good and kind and sin my greatest foe,

when I leave the shelter you provide

and your wings are behind me and I’m tainted with pride

help me find my way back to your side.

Help me love well
Encourage others and give
Turn the other cheek as you did

Help me forgive
Help me o Lord
Let go of offences (that I’ve held onto and stored)

Help me find grace
When Judgement is strong
When condemnation rules my heart
And the sentence is long

Help me feel your nearness
When loneliness sets in
When darkness threatens to hide me from your presence (and then)
Help me submit to your perfect will
Like Jesus in the garden,
before he died on that hill

Help me share mercy
Be patient and kind
To my children when they talk back, (and leave be behind)
Help me be tender, help me be true
Help me show others a reflection of you

When I’m beating the interests out of the world
Wearing their values and beliefs and my love has grown cold
Help me find courage grant me wisdom and light
To break free from the grip culture has on my life

Help me stay the course you’ve called me to take
When I want to sleep, keep me awake
When I’m drowning in sorrow and kicked by despair
When I’m locked up and bound by evil desires without care

Lord help me to live more like Christ, the Holy seed you brought forth
Messiah, and Savior the lamb who was slain,
the light of the world , the word of the Lord, the King of Kings Come again!

Help me live out , Christ in me
the Word planted , in which I abide, the promise granted, help me live this kind of life,
Equip me, seal me ,fill me, nail me to that place from which I try to flee
So I can rest with Thee

Help me decide between holy and unclean, right and wrong
known and unseen
help me stay focused on what you want me to do
treading the narrow path you’ve called me too

Help me carry hope , burden me with faith
Weigh me down with intolerance for anger and hate,
Unbridled emotions, train my tongue ,
guard my senses until you have won,
Set me in the yoke beside the Messenger I love
who reigns on the throne in the circle above,

I’m crying out, I admit I’m flawed,
a sinner by choice ugly and scarred
Help me move out of the way so others can get in,
Then drag my wounded spirit through the holy gates again
I need you now tomorrow and ever when,
From creations beginning to time’s hastening end

Fill me with change and make me new,
Strengthen my spirit to worship You
I’m a beggar in the sight of God
Needy and whining desperately I trod
Fearful of men tired of the world
Ready to sell it all for that one buried pearl
On the edge of something, only Abba can see
Like a grain of sand or a tiny seed
I’m just a beggar asking for help to find peace.

Shabbat Shalom

Hebrews 4


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