Life is a wilderness

We are in the wilderness. A wilderness without sandstorm, a wilderness without manna or desert heat, a wilderness day after day, longing after longing, hoping pleading , praying, complaining, rejoicing grumbling, fighting, fearing and worrying. God brings his covenanted people whom he has delivered from slavery immediately into the wilderness. Like with Jacob with Israel, with his own son. there is always a dry place laden with enemies , scorpions trials and Temptations waiting for us to tread through why ? to test of course! none can escape , but we have the prophets, peoples and the ancient words to serve us as Peter says and to teach us. But why? Because this time is unique and the latter days were coveted even by the angels who longes to see into them.
so what do we do between deliverance and salvation between slavery and freedom? we should not be afraid to die, we should not be complaining about pleasurable foods such as meat and onions, we should not worry what we will have to drink , we should trust God, we should not fashion idols, nor worship gold. we should not stop waiting for the arrival and descent of the Word of God. we should not get impatient and demand evidence that God is real and that he loves us. God has brought us out to bring us in, we are still waiting for his presence and the return of our God and king to dwell in our midst. We need to be holy we need to be sprinkled with blood and we need to transform our behaviors and our attitudes to that of righteousness. Just as Israel waited 40 days for the giving of the word and the disciples waited for 40 days for the giving of the spirit so we too are in a season of waiting. Waiting for what? always the word of the Lord, the presence of our king. Lord Jesus come!

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