even if I fail at parenting

By Kim Blenkhorn

Even if I fail
God never will
even if I stumble and cannot “be still” even if I break
God still works with pieces
even if my heart is hard
Abba does as he pleases
even if my words are wrong, my tone is harsh and my lectures long, my heart un-trusted , my intentions unseen
even if I trip and fall
can God still set them free
even if I’m tired and even if I’m broken even if ive left words of love unspoken even if I’m fearful , even if I’m dead
I believe God still honors the prayers I said
will he still take my offering, inconsistent and incomplete with all its Flaws and filth , Selfishness and greed
Can God still work to soften hearts and open up the sea
even if I fail to do my part and when I fail to be,
God will never falter ,
he will not let me down
he’s giving me these children for a purpose not a crown
he still touches lepers he still walks among the poor, he still feeds the blind man begging at the door
he still chooses to walk beside
the helpless and the week , the ones who failed at parenting its the needy ones he meets
even if I fail, tell me God can still succeed
at rescuing my children’s hearts
though I failed to lead
Even if my work is lacking , my speech unseasoned, my deeds undone
the Lord will not forget me
His covenant is sealed in his only son,
even though I’m angry and that’s not the “Christian Way”,
God will take these broken parts to
Build a bridge one day
the work he does , praise God I know, does not rely on me
and that’s the greatest evidence he has to set us free
even if I’m sloppy , even if I’m rash even if I’m rejected
God can still win them back
even if they hate me and all the truth I know
because I couldn’t present it in a package with a bow
Even if I fail, my children every day
God still works in miracles
because it’s Christ who makes the way.

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