Live Free or Die

Why are we still taking extreme precautions for a virus that we know 90% of the population is recovering from? 

In a utopian society people would manage the world “perfectly”. We don’t live in Utopia. At the end of every nonfictional day we go to bed flawed, imperfect and broken individuals. Humanity is capable of horrific crimes and inspiring discoveries.  Weeds and flowers grow beside each other in every garden, earth is no exception. We deal with the balance of these two strange opposites rather nicely, in fact we have dealt with them for roughly 5ooo years, that is about how far back our records go. I think we have found we cannot eradicate the weeds. No matter how many millions of years we say the earth is regardless mankind has about 5000 years of written information. 5000 years, 7 continents, 195 countries, 7 billion people and we have managed to somehow survive. Whether this is a testament to our own resilience or God’s ability to make a good product doesn’t matter. For thousands of years men have struggled with death disease peril, wars, virus, accident, murder and violence. We have managed even though we do not live in Utopian society, even though men do not manage problems with perfect accuracy.  Here we are. Still.

Enter March 2020.  Suddenly we feel it is within our power and ability to control a virus? Suddenly a virus is a threat to humanity. Have we collectively watched too many apocalyptic movies. Has technology made us believe that we can control the world’s population. Sorry not we. So WHO? 

Here are some FACTS and STATS that baffle me: world o meter says there are 8.5 million positive corona cases. They post this at the very top of their website, it’s no secret. Although being the first number you see, it’s a shock and awe effect. But once you pull yourself together,  we see – 452, 852 deaths worldwide. Some people stop right there, they cannot go on, it’s too scary. Keep scrolling because the really baffling part comes next.  4,450,450 roughly half of the total covid cases have recovered. Geesh only half? Even though only half are recovered fully, out of the remaining 3,596686 which are still infected 98% or 3542177 are in mild condition and only 2% are in serious condition. Of the closed cases 91% have been discharged and recovered. Wow! 91% have recovered? Wait 91% of people have recovered yahoo great i can cancel my zoom account! 

According to the US cases,  88% of those who tested positive have recovered. This is not unique to our country. There is a trend that tells the same story for other countries as well in regards to how the virus called covid is behaving. 

Taking the top 5 most affected countries other than the US. 

Brazil 98% are have mild symptoms and 91 % have recovered

India 94 % have recovered

Spain 99 % have recovered

Italy 99% mild symptoms and 84 %recovered 

Chile 98% recovered

Iran 91% mild symptoms and 94 % of those who tested positive recovered

This tells us something about covid, namely we don’t have to continue to panic. This same narrative holds steady for almost every country in the world that has had corona cases. None of those recovered fall below 84% and most are in the upper 90’s. Check it out yourself on

I’m not a Doctor or a scientist, I wasn’t on the front lines when the hospitals were running out of beds and people were being loaded into trucks in New York city because the morgue was full. I was a waitress years ago who used to work the dinner rush. I can’t imagine how scared people were during the covid rush, when this first hit and no one knew what the outcome would be or when the end would come. Doctors and nurses were overwhelmed and understaffed when the bulk of 9% of people were actually dying. I wasn’t there, but i have a brain and I am a citizen of this great planet. And I can see now as we all can, the data that shows 91% of people more or less are recovering with only mild symptoms. Isn’t that the most wonderful part of being human, reflection, learning, predicting, rationalizing. The common cold and the seasonal Flu,  takes some lives too. The common cold is the cause of many deaths in HIV’ victims,  but we have learned that the people are bigger and more resilient, we don’t need to be afraid to leave our homes and starve inside because the markets might have infected people. This isn’t a Stephen King novel. 

No utopia society here now. Just a round ball of flawed people living, dying and trying to figure out things. 

I know we can all check the data. My question is if so, why are we continuing to take such extreme cautions with Covid-19, as if the number of deaths are in the 90th percentile rather than 2. Because of this response, it very much feels to me that there is an agenda of sorts, that someone has a to do list and an objective. WHO is involved? 

Even if the virus spreads to every single person, we now have the evidence that most people recover and have mild symptoms. The world is overreacting at this point. We took good measures in the beginning because we didn’t know how the virus would behave, but now we do know. What are we if we don’t change our behavior once we learn things?

If governments continue this extreme burden on life is it evidence of something far greater than a virus. It feels like control. It feels like an experiment on the world population. It feels political. It feels uncomfortable to me and the results are going to have catastrophic implications far worse than 2% death rate. Education, economy, mental health, and social implications to name a few of the “casualties” that we ought to be far more concerned about at this point. It is time that those who are vulnerable stay home protect themselves, people continue good hygiene and life returns to a less sterile place to live. After all, life has not survived for millions of years on the planet by isolating ourselves from viruses and infections. Masks and social distancing is not saving anyone’s lives. That is a lie. This isn’t a life threatening illness to 90 percent of the world population. It is life threatening to a small group of vulnerable people. The media has taken us for a ride. And FYI people die. With or without coronavirus. That is the world we live in, not utopia but its our world nevertheless.

 People protest for justice, how about protesting for our freedom to live, to move about freely, to sit beside a neighbor or smile at the grocery store clerk. Whatever happened to live free or die. What have we bought? What have we exchanged our freedom for? 

We need to build our immunities isn’t that why we get small doses of the small pox and hepatitis? We are smart. We need to pay attention to these numbers and data and use them to prove we are ok, and begin asking what is really going on here? We ought to stop burying our head in the free entertainment and comfort amazon prime is offering and question authorities? Its time to take off our masks and wake up! We are moving towards an automated society, where people don’t know how to socialize because they haven’t been allowed to. Where people fear one another because they cannot stand less than six feet apart and because of the fear and drama the media has spun, people are going to be more violent than ever toward one another. It is a known fact that when you see people as strangers you fear them. how to live on the planet with 7 billion other people all getting along, when we can’t even figure out how to stand next to someone in the grocery store without heart palpitations? If we are not being permitted or encouraged to socialize what will happen…united we stand, divided we fall. 

we don’t stop fighting for answers or a cure, but we can’t stop living either.

I’m an introvert staying inside doesn’t bother me, but losing my freedom does.

Schools are closed. THink about this for a moment. People have been willing to die to receive an education historically. And now we have voluntarily closed the doors of public education, of all education? What effect will this have on peoples? What happens when a society is under-educated? Control is very easy. It’s very easy to control a scared and unschooled population.  It’s very easy to control poor , desperate and unemployed people – we have both right now. That is what should scare the hell out of us. we are a vulnerable people right now, and it’s not because of the virus infecting our cellular make up.

One of the first things Hitler targeted was the education of the young people. He altered their education, he removed books and closed libraries and emptied churches. He became the virus that scared Germany into submission. He labeled people and closed small businesses, and divided neighbors. 

We are willing to send soldiers into battlefields with only wooden boxes returning carrying their lifeless bodies, yet we are teaching our children to be deathly afraid to shake someone’s hand? Does this seem right to you? Who are the decision makers on this?  And what will be the result? 

America, in particular, has been taught to fight at all costs for freedom, New Hampshire’s state motto is Live Free or DIE. “Be brave, battle, do the work,  question everything, face your fears,” now suddenly its “stay inside,  be afraid, save the world by “not going anywhere near it.’” Are you kidding me? This is population control from a different angle have we been duped?

I am so curious as to what other people are feeling and thinking right now? what are your thoughts about the virus at this point and all the data that is coming out and why we are not reacting to it?

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