Final Feast

  • Oh the mighty hand of God
  • I never can resist,
  • The compelling voice of Christ my King,
  • Seldom ceases to bring me rest,
  • His all consuming fiery love
  • Convincing my heart to beat,
  • His pure untainted words of life
  • Penetrate each time we meet,
  • Oh the seeing eyes of God
  • That fix upon my state of humble dust
  • His divine nature teaching me to trust
  • OH the salty flavor he provides, the light that bids me come
  • The trumpet sound I long to hear, summoning me home
  • Oh the constant burn of joy and peace he pours upon my soul
  • I cannot deny his living water that pursues me til I’m whole,
  • His patience none can replicate
  • Or the kindness he displays,
  • Manifesting grace to me when I wander from his ways
  • Oh the mighty hand of God on earth cannot be turned or weak
  • He heals the lame, lifts up the poor and satisfies those who seek.
  • How could I not believe that every act of love or hate,
  • every deed of good or sin
  • Cannot prevent or mystify he invites them- all come in
  • Man thou hard of heart, flesh beset with greed, the wisdom of our mighty God
  • Knows what each one need,
  • He directs the winds and waves, He commands each bird and beast
  • He will guide the ones he knows to join him at the final feast.

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