Elusive God

December 14

The first words about the world reveal God’s active presence in the world. The moment the universe came into existence, there was God, doing things. In the first chapter of the bible we see God created, God said, God separated, God blessed, God made, God called and God placed again and again. This is a God of action. We see the presence of God at least twenty-four times in the first chapter of Genesis. Within words; said, made, called, saw, placed, blessed, are unspoken truths such as; God is able, God is powerful and God is persistent. He wants us to know these things about himself which is why he gave us his word. And we are the only ones of his creation who can know these things about him. The sun is not able, the beasts are not able, the water cannot understand, the apple tree in my back yard cannot read- only mankind can.

In the familiar creation story God creates one thing in particular with whom he intends to interact with, Adam. He brings forth all things from nothing, but Adam, he brings forth from something already in existence, Himself. Because of the similarity and likeness between God and Adam, Adam has capabilities and abilities that none of the other creatures have, he can communicate and work alongside of God. He can see that God creates, sees, blesses, makes separates and calls and he can ask God to do those things within his own self. God continues to possess these character traits and we can assume that he continues to work and reveal his presence in these ways on earth today.

In different seasons of life we need God in different ways, because we are constantly changing. God is constantly at work in us, around us and on our behalf to bring forth not just his will for our lives, but His image from our lives. We need to see him participating in our lives because it brings us comfort, sustains us and deepens our faith. We want to experience his presence, do we not? But God doesn’t always reveal himself in the same ways, as if he were a robot or a machine, He is Alive. God is doing a lot of different things in creative ways.   Do we sometimes miss his hands and heart working in our day to day lives because we are so focused on him appearing in a certain way?We want deliverance from the hardships, but fail to see his light in the darkness or his ‘miracles in the mess.’ We easily feel his presence in the blessing, but feel alone in the separation. Do you expect God to show up in a way you have felt him before and then forfeit how he actually tried to get your attention this time? How often have I said, “I’ll know God is here when he heals me, when he sends me that bonus, when he fills me with joy and faith, when he resolves this relationship problem.” Am I as quick to admit he is also near when I am terrified, depressed, anxious, when I am wandering in the wilderness or hungry or not getting along with my children? Do I say God is working and using this darkness in me to accomplish his will? We read about the awkward and hidden presence of God in the bible and yet how often do we apply that to our own lives, I can tell you the truth…I don’t. When I am suffering, I assume God has abandoned me. When I am tormented by doubt and anger, I accuse God of forsaking me, not working, forgetting about me. I blame, I demand, I throw myself on the floor and kick and scream or worse I stonewall my creator, unable to formulate words of praise and pleas for help when I am feeling miserable and human.  But ironically throughout the very scriptures I am so familiar with are laced stories of God’s presence not in the prosperity of life but in the valleys and poverty of soul. God is here, He is doing things I don’t understand and I don’t have to understand until he wants me to.

My challenge to myself today: Look at these ways in which God first worked and created the world and ask how and where do I see, want or need God to be working in me today , ask and then let go trusting he is.Here is my prayer: God I need to experience you today making me, I need to know that I am not just a lump of useless clay that has been forgotten and dried up. God, peel back the layers of distraction and noise and show me how you are making me to be who you have called me to be. Because you Made the expanse in the heavens and you created me to understand that you make things.

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