praise you with darkness

I will praise you with my darkness,

you have called me to this place,

I will praise you when your hidden

because it calls to my faith

I will praise you in the morning

I’ll praise you in the eve

with empty hands surrender

and follow with crippled feet

I’ll lift my voice to worship

Through a whisper, call you King,

Doing homage to the prince of peace, my doves and pennies I bring

Ill speak psalms and hymns through rain and with fear

ill seek you with my ignorance, and tears,

I will praise you in the sorrow

and with hardship I’ll sing,

I’ll honor you with heartaches

and hide beneath your wings,

i will praise you in the darkness

with grief and tears I’ll speak your name

i will bless you with my broken

and worship though I’m lame

i will call out with my wilderness with my deeply wounded soul

remembering your wellspring

your everlasting flow

with stiff and achy sadness i will bend my knee to pray

i will bow before your throne; shower me with grace

holy holy holy, i will confess

I’ll will pray in the name of Jesus

even with my nothing left

thou I’m ashes on your altar or light to all around

i will praise you with my fragile, whether mountain tops or on the ground.

you accept my offering my gifts of pain and joy the same

the one will bring you pleasure the other brings you fame

-kim blenkhorn

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