Wild God

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com R. J. Foster says, "God is wild and free and comes at will." This idea of God being wild, both offends me and delights me. The offense hits me first, The idea of a wild God or a wild anything conjures images of out of control, rabid and rebellious. It's … Continue reading Wild God


I love control. I want to control how  my husband shows me love, and who my children are friends with and the pastors sermon on Sunday morning, the store clerks method of ringing in my groceries, the timing of major events , when the class starts, I’d like to control the weather, i want to control … Continue reading Control

enter grace

Photo by Anna Shevchuk on Pexels.com I find grace an overused word in Christian circles and american churches. Not that grace itself could ever be overused or run out. What I mean is that the word is used so frequently to describe so many things its true meaning has almost been lost at least to … Continue reading enter grace