Torah Portions


What is a Torah Portion?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a parsha, a parsha is the weekly Torah portion read out loud in synagogues by religious Jews each sabbath. The first portion begins in Genesis with Bereshit which means in the beginning and ends with deuteronomy. Each year the entire Torah is read. 

For many years I attended a Messianic Synagogue where we read through the Torah each year, week by week sabbath to sabbath. I have come to love the Torah very much. I have also come to see wonderful truth and revelaiton within its pages and words.

Jesus or Yeshua (his hebrew name meaning salvation) was said to be the walking Torah. John said of him, he is the Word of God come to dwelt in the midst of Israel.

Each portion or Parsha has a title and is known by that title exclusively, for example this week portion is called EMOR, and it means to speak. Where did the titles come from?Usually the first word of the portion itself. It never changes, leviticus 21-24 will always be known as Emor.

The Torah portions I post, are typically my commentary on the particular portion, and 15-20 minute read. These are meant to be expositional in nature, deep, sometimes mystical and engages the sum of God’s word.

I hope you find something helpful here!