About Me

Fierce defender of the slow processors and introverts! Slightly controversial by nature and lover of a good argument.biblelens_2020_04_21_17_02_35_5100

I have a strong bend towards Judaism, I grew up Baptist but  got involved in a messianic Jewish community , where I came to have a great appreciation for Jewish culture especially as it relates to the Bible. I consider myself a Christian and a modern day disciple of Jesus. You will find lots of spiritual content in my blog. 

I have a degree in early childhood education. and I enjoy working with children, I teach art in my home after school.

I love to cook, I’m an artist, I enjoy cleaning and decorating my house. I have a wonderful supportive husband and two teenagers whom I am over the moon proud of. they  like me occasionally. 

my first self portrait.

a few years ago I began to draw prolifically on my own and have begun to incorporate my drawings into my writing which shares the theme of faith.