My Poetry

I began writing poetry when I was in Middle School. It continues to be a way for me to release bursts of emotion that I don’t know what to do with. Often times I begin with just one line, and I write it down, at that point, as if a dam is broken the words then pour out. I read it from the beginning over and over and over again as i add new lines. I usually finish in within 20 or 30 minutes with a poem, they almost always rhyme, and often they are encouragement to myself.

If life is burdened with fear, love grief and contentment, then it is too full of poetry, weather written down or not.

"Even if I fail,
God is pure and still
He takes my inconsistencies,
and Bends them to His will.
He gathers all my broken pieces 
and all my broken parts
My shattered things, my misplaced dreams and my unstable heart
He works in silence, his hands are steady, his eyes are fixed and clear
I'm banging loudly on the door demanding he appear
"Give them back 
so i can pet my swollen fears and mourn the strength i lack."
He never falters, he never shifts, he never sweats or leaves
He keeps on working faithfully
Until I am complete. 

I don’t write nearly as much poetry as I used to probably because I have learned to express my emotions in a variety of ways.

Most of my poetry is about my devotion to God and His devotion to me. I do write about frustrations, sorrow and hope. I often write to my friends when I am inspired by their struggles.

Some of my favorite Poets when I was young was Edgar Allen Poe, Helen Steiner Rice, Robert Frost, Shel Silverstein and Emily Dickinson. I think in general people have lost affection for poetry. Students consider it confusing and boring. But there is great mystery and depths in the poets song, a cryptic message of sorrow, passion, joy or angst hidden between the lines and words of a well felt poem.

A poem cannot be understood without the audience who is willing to feel their way through every word.


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